We’re boosting the city’s skillset by offering these brand-new qualifications from September 2022. Comprising classroom learning and high-quality work experience, these qualifications aim to attract new talent to some of the city’s crucial industries and will ensure these students finish their courses ready for university or employment.


T水平 are a new level 3 technical qualification – equivalent to three A 水平 – for school leavers (16 to 18-year-olds) to study after completing their 普通中等教育证书考试s. 

T水平 will bring together classroom study with a significant work placement (industry placement) to give young people the skills and knowledge required to be ready to work in a wide range of sectors and industries.



These brand-new qualifications are being introduced in stages, with the College pleased to announce it will be delivering nine T水平 courses from 2022.


Of the nine T水平 to be offered at the College from September, 其中七项将包括职业专业的选择, allowing the student full control of which direction their studies will take.

The occupational specialisms are in the brackets of the courses listed above.

每个T级将包括核心组件, and these could overlap with some of the units taught on other T水平. 例如, t在这里 will be some shared units between the 科学 and 健康care 科学 T水平, 涵盖两门课程的基本知识和技能.


An industry placement is an extended period of work experience to give students the opportunity to develop their practical and technical skills in a role that relates to their course.

Placements last for 45 days, and can be arranged to fit in with your needs. 

Download the Department for 教育’s Industry Placement 常见问题 在这里 – T级雇主问题.


实习的学生带来了他们的热情, 良好的学科知识和技能,以支持您的业务. 

  • 帮助培养和发展人才.
  • Cost-effective recruitment for entry-level jobs and 冰球突破.
  • Bring in people with imaginative new ideas and different skills.
  • 给员工提供指导年轻人的机会,提高员工的技能.
  • 为特定项目提供额外资源.
  • 增加容量.

Offering industry placements can help you enhance your brand image and profile.


就像英国的雇主一样, you might have experienced difficulties in recruiting certain roles; or, 如果你招聘, your employee might not have exactly the skills you need to move your business forwards.

This ever-increasing skills shortage has led to new government developments in an attempt to close the gap and vary the offering of qualifications available to young people. This has led to the creation of T水平: a qualification that aims to meet the needs of various industries while simultaneously creating greater opportunities for skilled employment.

Watch this video to see how organisations across Plymouth are working towards a shared goal of a green environment and the potential T水平 provide in supporting this goal.





我们将在过程的每个阶段支持您, from making sure that students are ready to go on a placement, 来看看你的学生们进展如何.


Placements are part of young people’s study, so they are not paid a salary. You can pay them if you wish to, or help with things like travel expenses. 


If t在这里 are other costs that you incur for a student on an industry placement, 比如提供防护装备, 专业设备或DBS检查, 我们也许能帮上忙. 请冰球突破试玩官方网站了解更多信息. 


冰球突破 are jobs with training, for young people who are ready to work. An apprentice spends 80% of their time in paid employment and 20% learning in the classroom.

T水平 are for young people who want to continue studying and gain work experience with a real employer on a worthwhile industry placement. T水平 students complete employability training so they understand the demands and expectations of the workplace before the placement starts.

Both are very different to school work experience, which lasts one to two weeks.


We want you to help design a placement that will both benefit your business and teach young people the skills you look for in an employee.

你必须确保工作环境是安全的, the student has a line manager to support them and provide an appraisal of the student’s time on work placement.


请给我们的业务参与小组打电话 01752 305026 或电子邮件 employers@zayanprojection.com and one of the team will chat through your organisation and how you can take a student on an industry placement.

T在这里 are a few things which you will need to commit to, which include:  

  • 提供至少45天的工作实习
  • agreeing a work plan with 城市 College Plymouth and the student – these will include relevant learning objectives that are linked to the sector and the student’s area of study
  • making sure the working environment is safe and allow the student to develop their practical skills in a safe way
  • having a dedicated member of staff to mentor and supervise the student, 并对他们的进展提供反馈
  • 在放置结束时提供反馈. 

To see the Government’s official T水平 for employers information, please click 在这里.